Winter Forum

Jus Humanis is proud to announce its annual Winter Forum. This year the forum, focusing on choosing and refusing life, will span over two days, with the different events taking place. Firstly, on the 26th of November at 2pm, in the Beijing Room of the Raoul Wallenburg Institute, there will be several lectures on the right to artificial insemination. The speakers include, Britt Friberg, (Associate Professor, Lund University Hospital) who is going to give an overview of the medical side of assisted procreation, Titti Mattson, (Professor in Public Law, Lund University), who will speak on the Scandinavian approach to artificial procreation and Alejandro Fuentes, (Senior Researcher, Raoul Wallenburg Institute) who will talk on the different approaches of European and American systems as regards to assisted procreation. On the 27th of November there shall be a further two events. The first will be a panel debate on abortion, and will take place in Rättegångssalen, beside the Rauol Wallenburg Institute at 2pm. The speakers in this event include Göran Melander (Professor Emeritus) who is a former member of the UN Committee relating to the elimination of discrimination against women. After the panel discussion there will be a movie screening relating to Euthanasia, in Telaris, Juridicum at 6pm



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