Swedish Minorities in Perspective: The Afro-phobia report of 2014

9 October 2014

Jus Humanis was delighted to welcome Arthur Diakité to the Beijing Room of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute to present a talk on the Afro-phobia report of 2014. It was the new board’s first event of the Semester and we were very pleased by the excellent attendance. Arthur Diakité gave an engaging talk, walking the audience through the minority situation in Sweden and how only very few minorities are officially recognised. The Afro population are not one of these minorities. He then went on to discuss how the Afro population are the most discriminated against group in Sweden and provided historical and cultural reasons for this. He used a picture, that he had found hanging in a kindergarten, which depicted an African man in a grass shirt, holding a ukulele to illustrate his point. This brought questions from the audience as to why it was racist, as they believed that not all stereotypes are bad. Arthur explained that, although one picture can be harmless – and that he even found it funny – it is a slippery slope for children to become accustomed to a fictional representation at such a young age. This was the first result of many this year and we will keep you informed about them all.

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