Monthly Roundup: Europe

Bárbara Alejarra   –          On the 3rd of February, the International Court of Justice – ICJ – decided the case of Croatia v. Serbia, regarding the allegation of genocide during Croatian war of Secession. In 1999, Croatia filed a case before the ICJ to claim for compensation for the damage caused by the targeting of […]

Growing up without a father: A Bosnian Story

Nikola Hajdin During the war in Bosnia, both children and adolescents experienced: ‘wounding of one’s father’, ‘father loss because of killing or missing and loss of immediate or extended family member(s)’, ‘unwillingly leaving home’, ‘separation from family and friends’, ‘forced expulsion from home’, ‘living in collective refugee settlements’, ‘refugee problems and life in a small […]

LGBT Rights within the Council of Europe framework: the Principle of Non-Discrimination

Vasco P. da Silva Within the political and legal framework provided by the Council of Europe, several recommendations have been presented to its 47 Member States concerning the topic of the LGBT rights. The most crucial has been the request for signature and ratification of Protocol No. 12 to the European Convention on Human Rights […]

A Legal Anaylsis on the Ban of LGBT Propaganda in Russia

Ashkhen Kazaryan The ban on gay propaganda has been one of the major discussion points in the human rights conversation in Russia. Below we’ll go through main legislation adopted in Russia and the problems arising from it. The first legislative prohibition of “propaganda of homosexuality” in Russia was adopted in 2006 in the Ryazan region. […]