Mounthly Roundup: Asia and the Americas

Yến Nguyễn




The shocking interview of one of the Delhi bus rapists revealed the perspective from some parts of Indian society towards the role of women and the limitation on their freedom


Marital rape in India – the silent crime which never been charged.


Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, has died. He was widely praised for the prosperity that he brought to Singapore and widely criticised for alleged human rights violations.




Pension mess in New Jersey


Florida – a man was not charged after shooting a pregnant woman with his gun raised the question whether it’s safer with or without gun control?


“Killing was the boy’s fault,” said the city of Cleveland. Follow-up information on Tamir Rice’s killing in November 2014.


Homosexuality is a choice?


The University of Oklahoma has shut down the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity after racist chanting on March 10th



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