Monthly Roundup: Europe

Barbara Alejarra

Make it happen” was the theme chosen for 2015 international women’s day. The campaign was aimed at supporting actions that tackle the difficulties that still exit concerning women’s rights. According to the statistics, 30% of women in the United Kingdom suffered some kind of violence by their partners. Moreover, 500 episodes of female genital mutilation were reported by hospitals in the UK in November 2014.–shameful-statistics-that-show-why-it-is-still-important-10091504.html

France decides to investigate the participation of two nationals in an execution video allegedly performed by the Islamic State. One of the militants, and the one responsible for the shooting, was only a boy. The suspects are Sabri Essid, half-brother of Mohammed Merah – responsible for the murder of seven people in France in 2012 –, and Merah’s stepson.

Arms agreements between Sweden and Saudi Arabia were abandoned this week. After complaints made by its Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, the Swedish government decided to put an end to the deal with one of its biggest weapon’s buyers. Margot Wallstrom’s criticism concerns the fact that she was prohibited by the Saudis to speak of democracy and women’s rights in an Arab League meeting in Cairo. The Saudi Foreign Ministry considered Wallstrom’s remarks on the need for reform as an intrusion into Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs.


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