Monthly Roundup: Europe

Bárbara Alejarra


–          On the 3rd of February, the International Court of Justice – ICJ – decided the case of Croatia v. Serbia, regarding the allegation of genocide during Croatian war of Secession. In 1999, Croatia filed a case before the ICJ to claim for compensation for the damage caused by the targeting of ethnic minorities in cities like Vukovar. Eleven years later, Serbia proposed a countersuit for the expulsion of parcels of its population from Croatian territory. The conclusion of the Court was that neither Croatia nor Serbia demonstrated the “specific intent” that typifies genocide.


–          There was an Anti-Islamic march in Vienna on the 2nd of February. Sympathizers of the anti-Islamic group Pegida, from Germany, led the movement through the city in Austria. Nonetheless, there is as yet no evidence on whether Austrian far-right Freedom Party – FPOe – upholds the movement. Yet, FPOe’s lider, Heinz-Christian Strache, promoted Pegida’s work in a recent speech.


–          Violations of Humanitarian Law create more victims in Ukraine, according to Human Rights Watch. In recent attacks with unguided rockets, several civilians were killed and many more injured. The responsibility for such strikes is still unknown, but the human rights NGO averred that Ukranian government and rebel forces supported by Russia are liable for compromising the security of civilians without necessity.



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