Monthly roundup: Asia and the Americas

Yến Nguyễn


  • Domestic servant abuse has become a pressing issue in Hong Kong after a woman is found guilty of abusing and torturing her Indonesian maid. As reported, there are approximately 300,000 domestic servants from many parts of Asia working in Hong Kong, many of whom are victims of human trafficking and domestic violence (BBC news – Feb 10)

Report on domestic violence against migrant workers in Hong Kong by Amnesty International (Amnesty International – Nov 2013)

  • A dispatch has been published by Human Rights Watch concerning a test on girls carried out since 1965 called “virginity test,” in Indonesia. The test is believed to be aimed at girls who have premarital sex and can prevent them from graduating from high school (Human Rights Watch – Feb 9)

  • Cambodian policy on Vietnamese asylum seekers is to block their claims through the objection to peaceful enjoyment of the right to a fair and impartial assessment of the claims to be refugees (Human rights watch – Feb 8)


  • Human Rights Watch has made a submission concerning Ecuador’s report on The Elimination of Discrimination against women to the United Nations (Human Rights Watch – Jan 20, 2013)

  • Kafkaesque U.S family immigration detention policy deprives children of their U.S. granted rights. The recent report from the New York Times revealed that despite its termination in 2009, the detention policy continues to be in force until today (the New York Times – Feb 4,2015)



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