Modern Colombia – the way to a sustainable, developed and peaceful future

It is our pleasure to announce that the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund (UPF) is hosting a three-day-seminar from the 3rd of April to the 5th of April on the topic of “Modern Colombia – the way to a sustainable, developed and peaceful future” in cooperation with Jus Humanis, Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Lund University.

The topics discussed will include human rights, foreign affairs, economy and much more. Among the actors coming are Francisco Galán, former leader of ELN, the second largest revolutionary group in Colombia who has now put down his weapons and has become and advocate for peace. In addition, some of the discussions will be moderated by Alejandro Fuentes and Miriam Estrada from RWI. Others who are coming are representatives from UNHCR, UNDP, The National Board of Trade, The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, human rights organisation Casa de la Memoria, Forum Syd and many more. The event will be free for both UPF and Jus Humanis members.

Come and enjoy the most thrilling lecture series this Spring!

Attend the event on Facebook.

3rd April4th and 5th April

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