Jus Humanis AGM

The Jus Humanis AGM is taking place on the 23rd September at 5pm in the Beijing Room of the RWI

This is you opportunity to get involved and make sure things are done YOUR way!

There are a number of positions available, which are outlined below. If you have any questions then please feel free to add them to the event page and we will respond. In order to run for one of these positions, or vote in the AGM, you need to become a member of the organisation. You can join at the AGM, just bring along the membership fee of 30kr.

The meeting agenda will be posted up in due course.

We hope to see all of you soon.


Board positions:

PRESIDENT: The President is responsible for the overall running of the organisation. This includes overseeing the work of other members of the board and all operations carried out in the name of the organisation. The President is required to liaise with various other bodies – including the RWI, the law faculty, and other student and university bodies.

VICE-PRESIDENT: The VP’s main role is to support the President of Jus Humanis and keep an eye on all the different projects going on. But the interplay between the VP and the President will shape your role on the Board.

TREASURER: The Treasurer’s main responsibility is to have a good overview of the financial situation of Jus Humanis. You are the contact person for the bank, in charge of writing the financial year report, applying for funding at the RWI and you are the contact person for all the workgroups regarding all financial matters.

SECRETARY: The Secretary is mainly responsible for taking meeting minutes, booking rooms and helping out in other areas when needed. There is room to be more or less involved in different aspects of Jus Humanis activity in general. It is up to the individual person’s time and interest.

WORK GROUP MANAGER: The WGM is responsible for forming, supervising, and helping different work groups operating under Jus Humanis. Last year JH had 5 active groups: a Winter Forum group, Spring Forum group, event group, travel group, and blog group. All the groups were mainly led by one or two JH board members and the other group members were active persons outside the board.

PUBLICITY: The publicity coordinator is required to keep the website up and running, the Facebook page in order, and to help with promotion of events throughout the year. Technical knowledge is a benefit but not a must.

GENERAL BOARD MEMBER: The GBM’s job is to support other board members. However, by assuming this position you will have the right to be present at board meetings where you can express your opinion about the work of organisation and start up the project of your own. Your level of involvement will depend mainly on your own ambition.

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