Hello again!

Hello and welcome to the Jus HumanJH Board 2017/2018is blog revival. A few weeks ago we introduced ourselves on our social media platforms. We are quite a diverse team: we span four continents and we have very different backgrounds and interests, but we are united by a passion for Human Rights and our curiosity to explore this vast field of study from fresh perspectives.

The name Jus Humanis derives from a latin phrase meaning ‘human right’. Lawyers very often use Latin because it allows us to synthesise complex concepts and to easily understand one another. But we know all too well that it can be exclusionary – it separates lawyers from the rest of the world and makes us feel exclusive. The notion of Human Rights poses a big and welcome challenge to this division. In seeking to articulate the experiences of every human being it becomes a powerful language of resistance, acceptance and progress. It is also deeply rooted in politics which is driven by the power of a multitude of actors. Without everyone on board, the fragile system is in danger of falling apart.

These are some of the themes that we hope to address in the activities of this semester. So, look out for our upcoming events:

Human Rights and Pop Culture’: In a series of intimate discussion forums, we will be considering how the pervasive and highly present phenomena of pop-culture influences our perception of Human Rights in 2017.

Spring Forum: This is the main event of the semester. Our working title at the moment is “The Rise of Nationalism: Is history repeating itself?’. In the current climate of tightening borders and worsening international relations, States appear to be retreating from ideals of universality, equality and Human Rights and looking inwards. There have been recent, significant events which reflect the fear and suspicion felt by many people all over the world. This atmosphere of fear poses a threat to the fragile world of human rights. We would like to explore a number of issues related to this, such as: (i) What is the role of the media in creating a climate of exclusion? (ii) Does nationalism necessarily mean the end of universal human rights? and (ii) What will our role as human rights professionals be in the near-future?

Weekly Blog posts: Once a week we are going to be publishing short, thought-provoking insights into all sorts of Human Rights related matters. We will explore a wide range of issues by making use of the diverse perspectives available in a university setting. This is where you can get involved. If you are interested in contributing to the blog, or would like to suggest a topic or an event which you think should be covered, then please send an email to our editorial team at jushumanis@gmail.com.

We look forward to your contributions and participation in our events this semester!

Jus Humanis Board


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