LGBT Rights within the Council of Europe framework: the Principle of Non-Discrimination

Vasco P. da Silva Within the political and legal framework provided by the Council of Europe, several recommendations have been presented to its 47 Member States concerning the topic of the LGBT rights. The most crucial has been the request for signature and ratification of Protocol No. 12 to the European Convention on Human Rights […]

A Legal Anaylsis on the Ban of LGBT Propaganda in Russia

Ashkhen Kazaryan The ban on gay propaganda has been one of the major discussion points in the human rights conversation in Russia. Below we’ll go through main legislation adopted in Russia and the problems arising from it. The first legislative prohibition of “propaganda of homosexuality” in Russia was adopted in 2006 in the Ryazan region. […]

Monthly Roundup: Europe

Ukraine adopts law regarding internally displaced persons On October 20th , the Ukrainian parliament passed the law on the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons. The law stipulates the procedure for registering as IDP and regulates issues such as employment and social benefit. The law was created as a result of constructive efforts made […]

Monthly Roundup – Sweden

Prime Minister Löfven’s Statement of Government Policy After the parliamentary elections in September, Sweden had a shift in government on October 3rd. The result marks the end of an eight-year period of pro-market policy tax cuts under former Prime Minister Reinfeldt. Many Swedes worried that his tax cuts have undermined the country’s famed welfare system. […]

Clash of the Titans: Human Rights in War. Sounds Awkward, Doesn’t It?

Nikola Hajdin   International humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL) represent two different branches of international law. IHL purports to limit the effects of armed conflict; it is a part of international law that regulates the relationship between states (parties to the conflict and third states). On the other hand, human rights […]

Monthly Roundup: Asia and the Americas

The Americas Amnesty releases Ferguson report, finds human rights violations during weeks of protests following Michael’s Brown killing and urges investigation. US Court orders American Justice Center to deliberate on possible immunity of Narendra Modi, following summons in September for alleged crimes against humanity, extra-judicial killings and torture in relation to 2002 Godhra riots. UN […]

Youth for Peace 2014

MINSK 2014. 19 teams from all over the world descend on Minsk to compete in an intensive week of practical application of international humanitarian law. Marita Kutchava, Chris Dominey and Josje de Bruijn The International Law Competition ‘Youth For Peace’, organised by the International University MITSO in Ratomka, Minsk takes place once a year. Founded […]