Mounthly Roundup: Asia and the Americas

Yến Nguyễn   Asia   The shocking interview of one of the Delhi bus rapists revealed the perspective from some parts of Indian society towards the role of women and the limitation on their freedom   Marital rape in India – the silent crime which never been charged.   Lee Kuan Yew, the […]

The Problem of Self-Representation before the International Criminal Tribunal

Nikola Hajdin   At the beginning of the new millennium, two cases before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) — namely, Milosević and Šešelj — sparked an outburst of scholarly comment regarding the right to self-representation in the realm of international criminal law. The right that serves as an instrument of a […]

Monthly Roundup: Africa

Tariq Desai   President Hifikepunye Pohamba, the outgoing president of Namibia, has won the Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership. The prize is given each year to an elected African leader who demonstrated good governance, raised living standards and left office. Mr Pohamba will receive $5m as a result. It is only the third time […]

Monthly Roundup: Europe

Bárbara Alejarra   –          On the 3rd of February, the International Court of Justice – ICJ – decided the case of Croatia v. Serbia, regarding the allegation of genocide during Croatian war of Secession. In 1999, Croatia filed a case before the ICJ to claim for compensation for the damage caused by the targeting of […]

Growing up without a father: A Bosnian Story

Nikola Hajdin During the war in Bosnia, both children and adolescents experienced: ‘wounding of one’s father’, ‘father loss because of killing or missing and loss of immediate or extended family member(s)’, ‘unwillingly leaving home’, ‘separation from family and friends’, ‘forced expulsion from home’, ‘living in collective refugee settlements’, ‘refugee problems and life in a small […]