23rd November 2018   LIBERIA AT A CROSSROADS: ESTABLISHMENT OF A SPECIALIZED CRIMINAL TRIBUNAL OR A REVERSE TO ANARCHY By: Alvin Weagar Yelloway* The 14-years’ civil conflict (1989-2003) ravaged the economic, social and political landscapes in Liberia. Nearly 250,000 persons lost their precious lives as a result of the conflict, which was perpetrated by warring […]

Myanmar’s repatriation plan: Cart before the horse?

By Jack Musgrave, Jus Humanis Treasurer  In recent weeks there has been a discernible shift in the foreign policy within the government of Myanmar. The government wishes to promote their newly formed “repatriation centres,” taking foreign diplomats on tours of the centres to show their commitment to accepting the return of Rohingya from Bangladesh. The […]

Jus Humanis Winter Forum: A Conversation with Jonathan Power, Journalist and Author

By Farai Chikwanha, Jus Humanis Public Relations and Social Media Manager, and Jasmina Drekovic, Jus Humanis Board Member The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (“ICTY”) closed its doors in The Hague in December 2017.  Established in 1993 by a U.N. Security Council Resolution, the ICTY bore the monumental task of bringing justice and […]

The making of inequalities through institutional action: the case of the New York City child welfare system

Viola Castellano, PhD in Social Anthropology, University of Bologna   This article is based on my research about representations of inequalities in the New York City child welfare system, which I carried out from 2011 to 2014. The child welfare system indicates the institutional arena developed to protect the well being of children subjected to […]

Upcoming events: November, December 2015

We are happy to invite you to upcoming Jus Humanis Events: November 2015: Winter Forum 2015 (November 26-27), together with Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: Thursday 26 November 2015. Winter Forum 2015 public lecture on the topic: Command Responsibility, Cyber Crime and Human Rights Violations.  Guest lecturer Elies van Sliedregt. We are looking forward to seeing […]

Monthly Roundup: Europe

Barbara Alejarra   One week after the death of hundreds of migrants in the Mediterranean, EU leaders meet in Brussels to discuss measures. Among the decisions taken during the summit, the heads of government agreed on increasing the budget for surveillance programme along Greek, Italian and Maltese seaboards. During May Day, Turkish protesters were […]