The Board

The Board is responsible for running the Organisation according to its purposes and core values. The Board of Jus Humanis International Human Rights Network consists of 7 members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Media Manager,  and 2 General board members (whose tasks are decided upon the board).

Current Board Members:








General Board Member
Social Media Manager
Jus Humanis Fundraiser
General Board Member







Tom Jinert-Baret (Sweden/France) – President

Ruhiyya Isayeva (Azerbaijan) – Vice President

Alvin Weager Yelloway – (Liberia ) Secretary

Colm Ceallach O’Riain –  (Republic of Ireland) – Treasurer

Carol Solomon – (United Kingdom) – Social Media Manager

Iryna Sharypina –  (Belarus) – General Board Member

Emma Pettifor –  ( United Kingdom) – General Board Member





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